Raúl Rocha Cantú, Mexican entrepreneur, has stood out as a recognized figure in the business scene, shining with a series of significant achievements in various national and international business sectors.


After having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration at the young age of 19, Raúl distinguished himself with his talent and boldness in management and negotiations. He assumed the role of CEO of the company «CYMSA» and positioned it as one of the leading companies in the industrial sector. By expanding the company’s presence to key markets both within and outside the country, by the age of 21, Raúl was already recognized as one of the most important names in the industrial sector in Mexico.

After a successful stint in this industry, Raúl ventured into others, including the restaurant and entertainment industry. Here, he developed innovative and attractive operational methods, leading to the creation of a conglomerate comprising twentynine entertainment centers and restaurants, employing over 4,000 people, and having a presence in 16 Mexican states. This project has now become the country’s most solid private enterprise in this industry, continually evolving through the implementation of new technologies and market expansion.

With a vision to expand and create a self-sufficient and profitable business ecosystem, Raúl diversified into other industries complementing existing operations. This led to the formation of a group of companies in various areas of the energy sector, including «Soluciones Gasíferas del Sur”, «BSE Combustibles”, and «Legacy Energy” in Guatemala. Additionally, he founded «Century Aviation”, a leading private aviation company with private FBOs in Toluca and Monterrey, two of the country’s most important aviation centers. He also ventured into construction with «Expansión 2000”, manufacturing of marketing and retail technology through «Punto X Punto Promociones», ticket distribution and massive event production through «TicketApp», and the automotive sector with «Ariston”, along with a presence in the hotel industry.

To create a philanthropic platform for supporting vulnerable groups in Mexico, Raúl established the non-profit organization “Niños, Mujeres y Ancianos Protegidos”. This foundation has provided economic, medical, and social support throughout the country. It has also collaborated with indigenous groups to promote inclusion, cultural development, and support in economically marginalized areas in Mexico.

To ensure the continuity of this vision as a family legacy, Raúl Rocha Cantú founded the company «Legacy Holding». Its purpose is to consolidate the corporate operations of various enterprises and create an ecosystem where they complement and strengthen each other. Currently, this group is one of the most powerful and growing entities in Mexico, employing around 10,000 people nationwide, having numerous top-level corporate offices, participating in more than 15 different industries, and having a presence in five international markets.

In 2023, Raúl Rocha Cantú accomplished one of the most significant projects in his professional career and in the history of «Legacy Holding» by becoming the owner of «Miss Universe», the world’s most important beauty pageant. «Miss Universe» is now one of the most-watched events globally, featuring participants from 95 countries and a viewership of over 500,000 worldwide. After hosting the beauty pageant in El Salvador, generating $177 million in revenue, Raúl announced that the next pageant, «Miss Universe 2024», would take place in Mexico, with expectations of an even greater economic impact. In addition to this, Raúl’s vision for «Miss Universe» aims to strengthen and develop the brand as one of the most recognized in commercial products, including: skin care, beauty, fashion, cosmetics, entertainment, and more.

Recognized for his international presence, Raúl Rocha Cantú was appointed Consul of the Republic of Guatemala in Mexico. In this role, he undertakes activities to strengthen economic ties between these two brotherly countries and provide support to Guatemalan nationals in Mexico. Raúl’s entrepreneurial, diplomatic, and social trajectory has positioned him as one of the most recognized and respected businessmen in Mexico. As a result, he received appointments as the proprietary counselor and vice president of business relations at the Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City, the oldest business chamber in the American continent, and as an advisor to the presidency of the Business Coordinating Council, the highest representative body of the private sector, comprising 14 apex business organizations, collectively representing over 2,000 associations and around 80% of Mexico’s GDP.